Process, People, Change

People, Process, Change

We are a Berkshire-based consulting house specializing in all things process. Our resident ‘Process Coach’, has over 25 years’ experience in mapping processes and helping organisations become more efficient and successful through process improvement, process auditing and root cause analysis.

But you can’t just fine tune a process and expect instant results. The people who participate in the process need to understand how to work better and smarter. That’s where the people and change management elements of our business come in.

As consultants we know that the people who know the process best are the key to successful process innovation. We love working with your employees to understand both the ‘official’ and ‘unwritten’ processes which are operating in every organisation. We believe that successful process change is the result of strong leadership, support, encouragement and lots of communication.

If you believe your believe your processes “could work better” then call the Process Coach at Cognitus (UK) Ltd. for help and assistance.