About Katherine Everitt-Newton

Katherine Everitt-Newton of CognitusUKKatherine is a true ‘Process Coach’. She achieved “Certified Business Process Engineer” status in 1991 and has been improving processes ever since. She abhors a bad process and loves to make processes work better. Her unique ability to visualize the workings of a process from a short conversation with process participants has come from a long career as a Management Consultant specialising in Business Process Improvement and Change Management. She has Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Financial Services and Infrastructure Utilities (Water, Electricity, Rail, Gas) experience in the USA, UK and Ireland.

Katherine is open and friendly. Her straight-talking approach makes it easy for folks to open up about their work experiences; what works well and what doesn’t. This helps Katherine to identify process pinch-points that many others would miss. Katherine’s experience as a Coach and Corporate Trainer helps her to craft un-threatening questions that go to the heart of a process’ working. She is an advocate of using humour and creativity to improve the processes at the centre our working lives.