• Process Mapping – visualise your processes (variety of styles available)
  • Process Improvement – reduce waste , increase efficiency & make your processes zing
  • Process Healthcheck – a mini MOT for your processes to identify what works and what doesn’t
  • Process Audit – confirm that your processes are working to your defined standards
  • Root Cause Analysis – determine the root cause of process problems


  • Coaching & Mentoring – for process champions, new leaders or new RCA facilitators
  • Building Resilience – helping employees maintain peak performance during tough times
  • Change Support  – Supporting leaders and staff through a change initiative
  • Training –  to support process improvement, change, root cause analysis and employee resilience


  • Preparation for Change – identifying the landscape for the establishment of a change programme
  • Building Change Habits – supporting staff through a change programme
  • Change Management – designing creative programmes to support organisations through change
  • Leading through Change – assisting Change Leaders to maintain resilience and inspire their staff