Committed to Service Excellence

I have had the pleasure of knowing Katherine for almost twenty years. She is an extremely bright and talented consultant with deep business, as well as, technical acumen. Katherine is committed to service excellence when it comes to dealing with her clients and possesses the expertise necessary to truly make a difference for the organizations in which she is involved. Most importantly, Katherine treats others with kindness, professionalism, and is always looking for ways to extend her hand in an effort to make the world a better place. ED

Insights, Ideas and Practical Solutions

I found Katherine to be full of insights, ideas and practical solutions. She demonstrated a deep understanding of both business and human behaviour. Katherine provided a good balance of support and challenge. DP

Inventive, Resourceful and Successful

She is a caring and creative individual, along with being highly intelligent and motivated. A very unique combination which lends itself to being inventive, resourceful and successful. She is easy to get to know and to feel comfortable around in spite of her knowledge & talents. She is interested in people and learns something from everyone she meets. PK


Katherine is very genuine, thoughtful and caring and is exceptionally good at what she does. She has high levels of integrity and drive and can command respect whether on a 1-2-1 basis or in a group. RS

An Accomplished Professional

Katherine is one of the most accomplished professionals I know. She is bright, quick to think on her feet and sees the broad picture in most situations. ND